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birthday card by barksodaverne birthday card by barksodaverne
It's been a while without posting anything!

Quick context, this is a birthday card for a friend that accomplished a lot this year: she's on the verge of completing her architecture studies, she travelled a lot, she took good-looking pictures, she got her driving license, and I gave her a huge soft blanket for her birthday, because she deserves some well-earned rest!

I am quite proud of this one, because I've been able to adopt a good mindset on it right from the beginning: I usually find flaws and ideas on how to correct them as I go along. There, I quite quickly got a very precise idea of the concept I wanted to execute.
There are still some mistakes (two of them) that may have been corrected, but I decided not to: I think that correcting them would have been to the detriment of the whole quality. 
To be more precise, I wanted a big circled to be shaped and I think that the right line that cuts the grey sky quite disminishes that perception. I should have made the sky more rounded and outside of the circle in order to underline it. 
I could have colored the snowflakes in the circle grey, in order to erase them, but I think it would have made it more obvious that way.
The other mistake is that I feel the circle is not obvious enough on the right side. Honestly, that one, I'm still looking on ways to correct it.

Anyways, bottomline, compared to my usual stuff, I did have a more precise idea sooner, and the execution is better. Now I'll have to be more forward-thinking  
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